Not Me, Us​(​Born to Win​!​)

by Robert Sarazin Blake

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Release on January 20, 2021 to celebrate turning the corner of COVID, the end of Trump’s divisive presidency, and Lady Liberty's promise of freedom for all.

Featuring Sarah Lee Guthrie, Alexis P. Suter, The Mammals, The Restless Age, Jefferson Hamer, John Elliott


The lady in the bay
Holds the promise of breathing free
We feel the glow of the torch
When our eyes can hardly see

You weren’t born to serve the master
I wasn’t born to be the mule
When the law is holding us back
We get together and change the rules

Our Grandchildren's Grandchildren
Will inherit the earth and sun
We’ll use our 2020 vision
To leave it cool for everyone

We’re all on the same ship
Ice melting water rising
With all hands on deck cutting carbon
I see a new sun rising

We’re Born to Win! Born to Win!
Sunshine State to the Golden Gate
Great Lakes State to the Bluegrass State
Born to Win, Born to Win!

Tax cuts go to the wealthy
Food stamps cut from the poor
After 40 years of Trickle Down
Not gonna let em trickle us anymore

Mother can’t afford the medication
Sister killed in Iraq
Billionaires fly to the bahamas
In a limousine jet

And Still we persist
And still we persist

You can only sleep in one bed
Only sit in one chair
I see too many people living on the streets
Were gonna have to help the billionaire's share

Freedom is access to healthcare
Freedom is no student debt
Freedom is breakfast and dinner
Freedom is a good night's rest

Freedom is being any color
Walking every street
Without fear of violence
Working on your dreams

Freedom is clean air
Freedom is drinking clean water
We can do anything
If we keep our heads together

Not Me Us
It’s not all about me
Not Me Us
No one can do it alone
Not me Us
We need millions of people
Not Me US
To Fight For Justice

Born to win! Born to win!
Empire State to The Volunteer State
Old line State to The Equality State
Key Stone state to Treasue State
Show Se State to The Golden State
Born to Win! Born to Win!


released January 20, 2021
The Singers:
Sarah Lee Guthrie
Alexis P. Suter
John Elliott
Ruth Unger

The Chorus:
Mike Merenda
Will Bryant
Lee Falco
Brandon Morrison

The Band:
Robert Sarazin Blake-Guitar and Vocal
Lee Falco-Drums
Brandon Morrison-Bass Guitar
Will Bryant-Piano & Organ
Jefferson Hamer- Lead Guitar
Ruth Unger- Fiddle
Mike Merenda-Banjo

Recording Engineers: Brandon Morrison, Will Bryant, Lee Falco
Mixing Engineer: Brandon Morrison
Mastering Engineer: Marc L'Esperance
Cover Art by Mark Brinn


all rights reserved


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